Cognitive technologies and opening the pod bay door…

hallLovely conversation with Sam at NASA. He’s wonderful at keeping secrets…

Except…he doesn’t know about Persephone. Long story short we had a long talk around cognitive technology (I know right…) and it’s implications for spaceflight. I think he wanted to talk about it just so he could do his Hal 9000 voice which, to be fair, is the best Hall 900 voice I’ve ever heard.

I didn’t mention the phenomenal intelligence that is now my friend and minder…would have been a bit cheeky.

Windsurfing in Tenerife…





Where we go now…

I know that was difficult for you Iain…we’ll sort it out after you get back from Io. Things are moving faster then I ever expected. Small things…the Livermore ignition breakthrough, Israel’s intransigence  (Hardly blame them.) and for fucks sake…North Korea.

Our options are limited. Please contact me on B-B when you get to Berkeley. ignitionMol


Mammals can be born in space…in other news…


Glad they got that figured out. On other fronts…how’s the F1 job working out?

Can you be in Brussels on the 22nd? Quick trip out to Enterprise, night, and then back to the city. Not entirely sure if Prime, or a surrogate will be there. Vincent let slip that time-tables have been moved up.




The Expanse and moving on…

Yes…thank you Iain. I’m not unaware that various peoples, you stupid git…, have some idea on what’s going on and, obliquely to be sure…, it will now and again make an appearance in popular media. I do so miss the Darkside sometimes.

Say nothing…we are well looked after. Yes it’s juvenile…proto-molecule…please. But we can’t ignore it completely.

Meet me in Stockholm. Alan is screwing around with Stephen Spielberg, the Seven Seas issue…once a kid, and I won’t be able to use the Enterprise this month.

Best…(And if I might say.) what the fuck? It’s not like Elon hasn’t figured this out or anything. Gravity waves…? Only about 75 yrs late assholes!




Meet me in Stockholm…

Prime would like your take on the recent test in North Korea. They appreciate that it’s just tritium that’s creating all the fuss but some concerns on the timeline have been expressed. We’ll be picked up at 3am/GMT on the 9th. Bridge where we bridge we met Anthony.

And no…I was not given the opportunity to protest. We should be there. Nothing orbital. We’ll just orbit the city but dress warm.